zaterdag 25 januari 2014

My Steppir gets 100 Khz shorter !

Bizar :
I turned on my Steppir, powered up the ampli and remarked a reflected power of about 50W. 
This isn't normal, I never had returning power.

Playing with the frequency adjustment, it shows that the SWR is nil at frequency minus 100Khz.
So I have to longer my antenna to achieve the old swr rating.

I first suspected one of the control cables, but this doesn't make sense : the Steppir reacts on a normal way.

Looking through the window, the problem became clear : my 40m dipole, about 1m perpendicular under my Steppir has moved about 30 degrees.  Something must have suffered the hard winds of the last weeks.

This new situation creates a capacity for the Steppir and shortens the yagi !

It's time for a yearly review of the antenna system ! 
And I've to tilt the tower and replace the 40m dipole by the 30m version. 

Anyway, I made 50 QSO's in the uba-contest (completely forgotten that it's the last weekend of January and certainly not in a contest mood) to give some points. 

 I remarked a quite good activity on 24 Mhz, especially to the Carribean and African area.  So I quit the SSB contest and went to S&P on 12 meters to collect some new countries.

Today my 12 meter DXCC is virtually achieved with 9 new countries this afternoon.

It's time for 30m !

And let's pray for a good Amsterdam Isl. expedition.

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