zondag 30 juni 2013

OJ0V on the air

We are on the air !  With 3 occupied stations we can play at full strength.

Biggest problem at this moment is the internet connection. 

For that reason we give total priority to upload our logs to clublog so everybody can check their contact.
An upload will be executed every morning with the file of the day before.

We can work from 40m to 6 m with 6m fixed to the south.  The wind is too strong to change the direction of the 50Mhz yagi antenna.

The is not enough bandwidth available to upload some photos at this moment.

We run now barefoot at 100W on each station.  The coming hours we will add our amplifiers and increase power.   The stations are running on wind and solar energy so power consumption is a point of attention.

to be continued...

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