maandag 22 oktober 2012

X-QSO, SDR and splatter detection

Yesterday evening, the CQWW webseminar attracted more than 500 listeners from 70 countries.   Perfect quality, super FB  !

The content was rather predictable : no more inter-friend logchecking possible due to a quicker log submission and also much more quicker result communications (April in stead of August).

Some items has been explained in detail :

- the committee is able to record the complete contest on all bands with the help of 7 RX-stations worldwide. 
They are now in the possibility to check multi-signals on air and also to detect splatter stations. 
Let's hope they have foreseen enough yellow cards to give to all splatter stations !  I'm curious if there will be a difference on the bands.

- the idea of an x-qso.  This means that you log a station without points (nor penalties) for yourself, but the other one can use it as a valid contact.  Nice feature if you have doubts about a correct callsign, or not sure about the 10 minute rule for M/S stations.  However, most logging programs don't use this cabrillo feature yet.

- Big attention also for the power levels 5W, 100W and 1500W.  To be continued how they will handle this.

Solar conditions seem to be a good compromise for both higher and low bands and the local weather will also be a bonus. 

The CQWW counter says : 4 days and 16 hours...

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