dinsdag 12 juni 2012

Let's begin

Within a few months I'll be licensed for 18 years as radio-amateur.   After 3 years of allmost no activity, everything is ready to prepare a comeback.
I just received my 5BDXCC plaque from the ARRL, and I need only 3 band/country slots to achieve the DXCC Challenge. So enough motivation to go on.

Next steps :
- a daily morse training with morserunner to (re-)achieve at least 30 WPM receiving skills
- installation of a new high power amplifier which will arrive within a few days
- arrival of a voice keyer for SSB-contesting
- ordering a 80m and 40m vertical to start with, as a preparation for my highly wanted 4squares.

Goal : be ready for the IARU HF contest on the higher bands in mixed mode.  On the lower bands it will be difficult to have all antennas installed...

Everything has to be ready for the CQWW-SSB contest by the end of October.

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